Regardless of the size, location or complexity of your photographic project, Professional Photographer Marshall Lind has the expertise and decades of experience to get the job done right.

Not only has Marshall spent nearly three decades photographing products, people, architecture, and places in studio, on location and for feature magazines, but he also has the business and design experience to give you the best perspectives, detail and selection of shots to meet your specialized needs.


OBJECTS- Overall sizes, finishes and shades of objects to be photographed? Background preferences; such as color, gradation, seam or seamless, textured or mirrored.
PEOPLE- Portrait or modeling, still or in motion. Helps determine set sizes and lighting setups.
EXTERIOR- Subject size, location orientation, local weather and light conditions and obstructions.
INTERIOR- Approximate room size(s), furnishings, wall texture, and lighting availability and sources (daylight/artificial). Determines whether session should be scheduled for day or night.
Note: Tabletop items can be shot on location if quantities justify setup.

IN-STUDIO: $75 an hour, $250 a half-day and $450 for a full day shooting session.
LOCATION: Minimum half day fee of $325, then $75 per hour up to $650 for a full 8 hour day shoot.*
All Photos are edited and enhanced in Photoshop then burned to CD or DVD with both printable (300 dpi) & Web (72 dpi) images.
*Does not include drive time, gas expenses or disposable materials.

Marshall's digital photography and photo editing skills were perfected by adhering to the most technically accurate color and light standards expected by Arts In Tulsa member artists. Photos of their artwork were reprinted as reproductions for sale at art festivals, and for submission to juried shows, renowned art publications and galleries nationwide.

Marshall has been a professional studio and location photographer since 1984, when he first worked with Balcar power packs and large format cameras in Jon Kubly's 10,000 square foot photo studio in Los Angeles. Jon was a protege' of renowned fashion photographer Richard Avedon. Our clients included Honda Motorcycles, Toyota, Hilton Hotels, Dos Equis Beer and Vaurnet Sunglasses.

Marshall has also worked as a photojournalist, first for the Tulsa Tribune and later as a photographer and writer for Westways travel magazine in Los Angeles.

1498 Bird Ave., San Jose, CA 95125
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