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In the fall of 2004 Marshall Lind experienced a "Eureka" moment while attending an annual art event exhibiting the works of more than one hundred artists. A quick artist survey and collection of contact info confirmed his suspicions. This was a professional market segment whose livelihood depended on visual exposure and yet not one artist had a Website or professional artwork photos.


Capitalizing on the marketing strengths of organizational synergy, which encourages friendly competition and professional allegiance while providing a centralized promotional base, Marshall Lind founded Arts In Tulsa as the city's first and only Online Arts Community.

Serving as Director, marketing and sales manager, graphics designer, photographer, consultant and instructor, Marshall made quick progress establishing Arts In Tulsa (AIT) as THE source for artwork and artists in Tulsa by networking with artists, galleries, museums and art patrons. The project was funded solely by revenue generated through artist and gallery Website designs, promotional print collateral, studio photography, photography and web maintenance classes and annual membership dues.

  • Arts In Tulsa membership nearly tripled in a single year, from 23 artists in 2004 to 62 artists in 2005.
  • The project culminated with representation of 136 artists and 13 galleries.
  • The average annnual membership retention rate for AIT is 82%.
  • AIT received free publicity from Tulsa TV stations and newspapers.

Mr. Lind employed a variety of Online marketing strategies and tools to propel Arts In Tulsa to number one Google and Yahoo search results on all art-related searches in Tulsa. The standings placed AIT well ahead of decade-old Tulsa art organizations, galleries and museums.

  • Selection of domain name incorporating key words already in the name.
  • Description and keywords meta tags and dozens of pages of HTML and CSS-based content.
  • Synergistic Website with updated quarterly Virtual Gallery, Events Calendar and new artists drive traffic, generating between 120K to 160K hits from more than 4,200 visitors a month.
  • Monthly AIT e-news letter to artists and art patrons announcing shows, events, news and updates.
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