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Fresh from completing his MBA at the University of Tulsa in 1993, Marshall Lind applied his newfound business knowledge and previous management experience to designing, marketing and developing a novelty dinosaur desk accessories line named DESK-DINOS for his new corporation, Busy Buddies Inc.

After creating seven prototypes and conducting extensive consumer market surveys, Marshall launched a personalized teaser postcard marketing campaign targeting K-Mart, Office Depot, Wal-Mart, Target and Toys R Us. The campaign successfully piqued follow-up interest from K-Mart (declined by Mr. Lind because the chain was in bankruptcy), Office Depot (kids' department concept never materialized) and Wal-Mart.

Marshall walked out of his subsequent sales meeting with Wal-Mart's home office buyer with a $494K order for 100,000 DESK-DINOS. His next step was sourcing out steel injection mold designers and toy manufacturers in China to meet Wal-Mart's projected sales margins. Unfortunately, the Internet was still a resource of the future.
SOURCING MANUFACTURING: The Houston Chinese Consulate helped Marshall rendezvous with a toy rep in China. Once in Shanghai, he launched a solo tour of manufacturing facilities and negotiated a price for 17 steel injection molds, saving him 80% over U.S. bids.
PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Over the next year and a half Marshall traveled to and from Shanghai, perfecting his prototypes and leading his nine member management team with a participatory management style to coordinate plastic injection, components, painting and assembly work at 11 contract factories.
PROJECT GRAPHICS: Marshall worked with graphic artists, printers and packaging experts to design logos, packaging, brochures and point-of-purchase collateral material consistent with the adventure-oriented theme of the product line.
FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: Marshall Lind also produced a detailed business plan to convince Chinese and U.S. bank directors and international lawyers to draw-up a rare back-to-back L/C finance contract to cover the $194K manufacturing bill.
NATIONWIDE SALES: Wal-Mart's predatory discount practices ended Busy Buddies Inc.'s relationship with the aggressive retailer. Despite initial small retailer resistance to carrying DESK-DINOS, in direct competition with Wal-Mart, Marshall Lind persisted by employing a nationwide network of independent gift sales reps. In just two short years he accomplished national distribution, selling thousands of DESK-DINOS to the toy, gift, museum, stationery and school supply markets in the U.S. and abroad before international production issues forced BUSY BUDDIES Inc. to dissolve in 2000.

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