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It matters not whether your organization is a small start-up or large, mature corporation, product-based or service-based, local, national or even international. Marshall Lind brings his MBA, international business experience and over 22 years of project management to bear on every marketing project he undertakes in both the product and service sectors.

Mr. Lind consistently brings a fresh perspective and proactive approach to differentiating his clients from their competition. If your organization gets him involved in the beginning of a project, he believes conducting an industry-wide market analysis and targeted surveys are paramount to the successful capitalization of marketing opportunities. His creative management style delivers bold artistic imagery and customized, clever content to target niche markets. He works energetically with all clients to help enhance brand awareness and achieve market leadership by creating, producing and managing innovative Web-based and multiple media materials.

The depth of his involvement in your project is entirely up to you. He is perfectly comfortable working and managing across disciplines and time lines at all organizational levels. Marshall can act as a participatory team member, experienced consultant or autonomous project leader.


ANALYSIS: Marshall Lind will hit the ground running by offering the invaluable service of analyzing your organization and industry constructs from an outsider's perspective. Marshall begins his work by reviewing historical sales and marketing statistics in correlation to past marketing campaigns and customer service efforts. He also analyzes industry trends, pricing models and competitor marketing initiatives.

MARKETING: So many organizations and corporations fail to distinguish themselves from their competitors because it's easier to follow the status quo. By conducting a thorough analysis, Mr. Lind can provide insightful creative solutions that are bold, unique and cost effective. Even with limited resources and a minimal support staff Marshall Lind will find low tech and high tech marketing solutions to reaching your target markets. He'll soon have you competing with industry leaders with a combination of targeted e-commerce tools and mixed media sales collateral.


What percentage of professionals can demonstrate they have used both their smarts and broad skill set to perform nearly every function required for establishing and running a corporation at an international level, regardless of whether it's a low tech product or high tech service? In the past 18 years Marshall Lind has demonstrated his abilities to do just that with three substantial projects in particular: DESK-DINOS, Geared for Outdoors and Arts In Tulsa. In each case he gained invaluable experience for what worked and what didn't, and it's that knowledge he brings to every new project.

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